Lyrics to the one and only X-Ray of a Boiled Sandwich tape, you clowny fuckface:

Wow, Vocals! (Sailing on a Frisbee Through a Storm of Studebaker Transmissions):

imitation is the sincerest form of destruction; you live i act your part you've been injured no violence involved it's just my way of saying i don't like you though it probably won't bother you i don't like insects i just don't like them


no stories no morals to them the ones that don't exist i'm not gonna make myself a teacher kind or otherwise you're not going to learn from me few people learn and all people die so what really is the use self-satisfaction is all i guess nearly all people are completely selfish so what right has one got to condemn the other looks like i'm contradicting the beginning of this passage see how pathetic everything is

Cigarette Pizza Sno-Cone Titfart Paster Sprout Locomotive:

fuck images i've learned to write without thinking this is gonna be a poem or this is gonna be a song these thought patterns have served only to impede me in the past and hopefully will go away for good oh goody i've probably only learned what everyone else knows already so it's just as it's always been my vigilance tells me to say that it's clear that i'm a slow learner for fear of being told this by someone else also i speak purposefully strange so i guess i'm as fake as everyone else misery loves company paranoia no paranoia creative maybe but not real what why should i respect only what is natural if everyone went around doing only what is natural there would be far less creativity in this world i very much believe i'm writing as though i'm speaking that's very funny also that i will be speaking this i guess oh fuck

Piss Out the Capital of Atlantis' Smoke Shops:

i am going to make you hate yourself and change i am going to drive into a cement wall

(This song title cannot be conveyed without a scanner, which I lack. It is a drawing of a foot.)

i am too normal and i hate this i compare myself to others too much

No One "Acts" Like Themselves, They Acknowledge Other People's Existence Into Their Actions/Torso Stuffed With Placentas and Raspberries:

impulse is a lack of all thought mind clearing tics work to many people talking to many many people others i can't think of now how much of my personality has been lost forever through the mail ho

One Very Fat Person Carrying His Very Fat Brother Up a Long Staircase; Then Their Arms Fall Off:

things can be in front of one's eyes and be no more evident than if the person had never seen or heard of the things how weird

Qrat PIP Squot BIKP:

seems that my only hope is in copying others since many things i really respect as great ideas are not my own and i seem incapable of coming up with anything i respect am i thoroughly incapable of respecting any idea of mine wait i think there is one the record i would like to put out i've just got my heart fucking set on it but not like it hasn't gone through any changes funny thing is i'd like to respect myself and my ideas but i don't think i do is jealousy something that's consumed me so that i can't even feel it

Food Your Fuck:

can i ask what makes people think their mission in life is so important in the end nothing matters do what you want to do you only have one life but if i was to truly mean this wouldn't i have to agree with every action which i don't but maybe not am i horribly egotistical to say that fucking aaaa

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