What is your social potential?

Do you belong on Earth?

Choose ALL answers that apply. More than one answer to each question is acceptable. Do not skip any questions. If you feel your answer is not one of the choices, please choose what you feel is the closest thing to your answer. RESULTS ARE WORTHLESS IF YOUR ANSWERS AREN'T HONEST.

1. What sort of things spring to mind when you hear the words "interesting", "original", "truly great", "innovative", "different", and "genius"?

a. makes me think of some "unique" acquaintance(s) of mine
b. qualities i prefer
c. elitist, stuck-up
d. i don't care
e. i'm not sure if i relate 100% but i think my choices in life are based on qualities that i think are of merit

2. Do you have bad credit?

a. yes
b. no

3. What do you think of your gender of choice?

a. sex and/or violence (only)
b. they're human much like you and me

4. How closely do you pay attention to gender?

a. each gender has their own distinct personality traits
b. i don't really care, unless i'm having sex with somebody (or planning to)
c. some of my favorite words are bitch, whore, slut, hottie, babe, fox, pussy, etc. (or the male equivalents) (used as negative terms toward women [or men])
d. i subconsciously plan to have sex with many of my preference
e. there are more than two genders

5. How closely do you pay attention to race?

a. race doesn't matter to me in the least
b. culture and race are two different things. culture can be interesting, but race doesn't matter.
c. each race has their own personality charachteristics that make them unique
d. i tend to think that white people are more valuable than other people because, look at all the success of the countries where most of the people are white. you can't argue with facts.
e. i don't mind making fun of my own kind but i don't like the idea of making fun of other races, and i don't like other races making fun of themselves either
f. i use words like nigger, spic, kike, etc. on other people and mean it (excluding words for white people)
g. i use any/all racial words (including those meant for white people) and mean them
h. the only racial words i use non-jokingly are ones intended for white people

6. What is your view of sexual orientation?

a. i don't give a shit as long as nobody forces anything on anyone
b. it's possible for someone to change their sexual orientation (i.e. "turning gay")
c. all sexual orientations other than my own are subject to ridicule
d. each sexual orientation has its own special charachteristics that make them different
e. there's no such thing as "straight", only "normal" and "needs to be dead"
f. other

7. Have you met or do you think it is possible to meet anyone belonging to the gender of your choice who you view as superior to yourself?

a. yes
b. no
c. i believe all people are equal
d. nobody is better than me
e. nobody is worse than me

8. What do you think of the idea of obedience and acceptance of something without weighing it according to your own rules first?

a. weird
b. normal
c. rather stupid
d. infuriating
e. awkward

9. Are you what you seem?

a. yes
b. no
c. don't know
d. don't care

10. Violence?

a. used preferably on the weak
b. used preferably on the strong
c. blow up the planet now, please
d. preferably not used
e. used, no preference
f. self-defense only
g. sometimes it's necessary (other than self-defense)
h. you don't consider spankings violence do you?

(question 11 was deleted)

12. Voting?

a. conservative
b. liberal
c. middle of the road
d. very conservative
e. other
f. don't care
g. i wish i could vote "no"

13. How do you view the word "popular"?

a. posititvely
b. negatively

14. How many times have you ever told anyone to perform lip service to any erogenous zone? (i.e., "suck my cock/left tit", etc.)

a. never
b. less than 12 times
c. more than 11 times
d. therer's something wrong with the answers to this question

15. Are you OK with forcing anything on anyone, unsolicited? (Do not confuse this with "everything on anyone")

a. yes
b. no
c. if something appeals to me, that's solicitation

16. I usually try to be a certain way.

a. yes
b. no
c. other
d. splunge
e. xq3n-kvv8rR,

17. (Answer this question only if you chose 16e). I chose this because...

a. it's approximately what i feel
b. other
c. what the fuck are you talking about, "what i feel"?? bullshit!

18. When someone does or exhibits something that makes no sense to me, my response is usually:

a. degradation of that person
b. indignance
c. admiration
d. depends on what it is

19. I like things because:

a. i found them
b. they're good
c. other people hate them
d. other people like them
e. i grew up on them
f. i don't like anything and i wish i was dead but i haven't told anyone yet

20. Small talk:

a. should be annihilated
b. is meaningful and necessary

21. Logic:

a. is irrefutable
b. is mainly a means to an end


1. a.1,000 b.0 c.1,000 d.5,000 e.1,000
2. a.10 b.50
3. a.1,000,000 b.0
4. a.600,000 b.0 c.1,500,000 d.50,000 e.2,000,000
5. a.-5 b.0 c.600,000 d.1,500,000 e.20 f.1,650,000 g.1,600,000 h.20
6. a.10 b.100,000 c.800,000 d.600,000 e.1,500,000 f.200,000
7. a.-5 b.200 c.-20 d.20,000 e.8,000
8. a.0 b.1,000 c.-5 d.10 e.-30
9. a.200 b.0 c.-5 d.850
10. a.10,000,000 b.-20 c.0 d.-100 e.50,000 f.0 g.80,000 h.2,000,000
12. a.3,000,000 b.3,000 c.3,000,000 d.10,000,000 e.-10 f.1,000,000 g.0
13. a.8,000 b.0
14. a.-10 b.0 c.15,000 d.5,000
15. a.2,500,000 b.0 c.5,000,000
16. a.10,000 b.-5 c.-12 d.-14 e.0
17. (only answered if 16e is chosen) a.-1,000 b.40,000 c.10,000
18. a.40,000 b.20,000 c.8,000 d.0
19. a.8,000 b.0 c.10,000 d.20,000 e.15,000 f.6
20. a.0 b. 15,003
21. a. 3,700,000 b.0

-1074 or less: Fuck, you'll never amount to anything in this world. Are you from this galaxy? Did you lie your way through this? If you're for real, can we be friends?

-1073 to 106: You're a swell cat and probably someone I should get to know better, OR you lied. Extremely useless as far as the world is concerned. But should you care?

107 to 42,000: You're pretty damn normal but somehow I bet the establishment won't find much use for you.

Over 42,000: Success in this world is not out of your reach by a long shot. All that asslicking will pay off someday. People like you control the world. Politics, law, or banking would likely be lucrative careers for you. GO AHEAD AND WRITE THE WORD "CLONE" ON YOUR FOREHEAD.

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