Sheep Squeeze

Sheep Squeeze started in early 1991. Yes, Dan Lactose of Spazz played guitar, and sang sometimes too. I was the original drummer, which means I wasn't on the Recess 7" and I wasn't on the split with the Fumes. As if you care. Anyhow, this is what I have available:

BT00009 - SHEEP SQUEEZE "WAITER, THERE'S SOUP IN MY FLY": The first "official" Sheep release. Primitive versions of some later-polished songs, plus some stuff unique to the tape.

BT00010 - SHEEP SQUEEZE "RAGING SHEEPFUCK": This has got a whole bunch of odd stuff going on here. Plenty of fun for everyone...

BT00012 - SHEEP SQUEEZE "EVERYTHING WE TOUCH TURNS TO SHEEP": We go into a studio for the first time. Everything off the very first 7", plus a few more...

BT00024 - SHEEP SQUEEZE "LIVE AT CFY": A live show, done without me (I had to leave California coz I couldn't find work). The quality's not the best, but hey, Sockeye's "Platypus Song" is on here!

BT00027 - SHEEP SQUEEZE "LET'S FORM A BAND": The very first recording we ever did as a group. The very first song we ever did was called "Rabbit Shit Smells Bad". There are several other wacky things on here too....

BT00028 - SHEEP SQUEEZE "YOUR TITS... THANKS": A bunch of screw-ups and other assorted strangeness while we were in the studio for the 2nd time.

BT00044 - SHEEP SQUEEZE "FURNITURE MOVERS AREN'T WORKING AND BEYOND...": This compiles the split 7" with Sockeye, the 3rd 7", and a few other dingbats.

These tapes are $3 apiece from the address printed on the main page, which is here.

I have heard that Rawb and Leech are putting together an anthology CD of the Sheep, and I have as yet been unable to obtain a way to contact either of them...... I fear that without some of these little gems to use, it might be less than what it could be....... if any of you out there have a way for me to contact them, please email me here. (The address is Thanks.