THE FRINGE mailorder. Wanna buy something?

Seven Inch Records.... All these are $3 except where noted.

The A.G.'s "Bryan's Car" 7"
All You Can Eat/Blownapart Bastards split 7"
Berzerkers "Annihilation Blues" 7"
Bladder Control "Electrocarnivorous" 7"
Bog Blast 7"
Boy In Love; "The Peehole Sessions" 7" - please don't take this band seriously
Burning Ambitions "Kim" 7"
Circle of Willis "Uncoiling Suzy" 7"
Cropdogs "The First Mission" 7"
Demise "The Essence of Shit" 7"
Faxed Head/Breathilizor split 7"
Foundation "Purity" 7"
Ted Franko "Live Life Live/It's Over Here" 7" - hey, it's on Nose Hair
Ted Franko "Santa Beer Reindeer" 7" - ditto
Harriet the Spy/Grain split 7"
Hobbledehoy "Toobin" 7"
Jesse's Aftertaste/Proletariat Dance Party split 7"
Kerosene 7" - fancy cover
Kill the Hippies/Blacken Snapper split 7"
Mayeven 7"
Naked Angels "On the Road" 7"
Pressurehead "Bad Hype" 7"
Raw Power "Wop Hour" 7"
Rectal Pus "Mr. T's Nudist Colony" 7" - funny stench stuff
Savalas s/t 7"
S.D.P. 7"
Sleeper 7"
Sockeye/Ross Daily split 7" - what a great record
Spork; s/t 7"
ST37 "Taboo/Hoodoo" 7"
Ted Bundy's Volkswagon 7"
Tonka "Calling Waffle House Home" 7"
Unholy Swill "Shoot My Boss" 7" - sludgey
V/A "Bowl of Cold Turkie Fool" soundtrack 7"
V/A "Burnt Blasts of Sienna" 7"
V/A "Fast Kids Go!" 7"
V/A "Fuck Rush Limbaugh" 7" - this kicks ass
Yeast?/The Porpoise 3 split 7"
Zonic Shockum "No, You Suck" 7"

Compact Discs....

Antediluvian Rocking Horse "Music for the Odd Occasion" CD $8.00 - on Seeland
Boy In Love; "Gleegle Eagles" CD $6.00 - don't take them too serious folks
Cropdogs "Wave Motion Gun" CD $9.00
John the Baker with Slimy Penis Breath "Live" CD $4.00 - Ridiculous!
Pandora's Lunchbox "Kitchen Beyond" CD $9.00
Raw Power "Screams From the Gutter After Your Brain" CD $9.00
Sockeye/That One Band "Butts Taking Craps" CD $5.00 - Scary
Totemplow "Applaud the Execution" CD $8.00 - dark ambient stuff
V/A "Hotel Cleveland Volume III" CD $7.00
V/A "Turds on a Bum Ride Vol. 6" CD $8.00 - I got this by mistake


Blondie "Parallel Lines" tp $2.00
Das Kickboy "Suck It" TP $2.00
DBC "Universe" TP $3.00
Grotus "Slow Motion Apocalypse" tp. $6.00
Hexdump "Nybble" tp $3.00 - good noisy stuff towards the end
Post Mortem "Destined For Failure" TP $4.00
U.K. Subs "Killing Time" TP $3.00
V/A Dr. Strange Records comp. tape $1.50

Twelve Inch Records......

Geezer Lake "Feet In Mud Again" LP $5.00
Holland/Skin Tunnel LP $6.00 - compared to Earth
Hollywood 1958 LP - Great collage weirdness - $5.00
LSR "Welcome To the American Experience" LP $5.00
The Mummies "Play Their Own Records" LP $6.00 - trashy lo-fi

PAPER - Posters are $1.00 (some are huge), other things as marked

Anti-Racist Action Benefit CD poster
Ashtabula poster
"Chicago Bureau" poster
Book Your Own Fuckin' Life #5, #6 $1.73
Cometbus #36, 37, 38 $1.75
Crucifix poster
Doctor Strange Records poster
Fortune & Maltese poster
The Freeze poster
Gameface pennants .25
Gameface poster
David Grubbs poster (Table of the Elements)
Industrial Nation #14 w/Merzbow, SRL, more $2.00
Joan of Arc poster (Jade Tree)
Love & Rage Vol. 7 #4, Vol. 8 #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, Vol. 9 #1 .75
Maximum Rocknroll major label mini-issue .45
MRR #166 $2.50
Mr. T Experience poster
Monumentally Retarded ZINE - $1.00
Murder Can Be Fun 1996 datebook $2.25
Murder Can Be Fun 1997 datebook $2.75
Peter & the Test Tube Babies poster
Punk Planet #14, #18 (w/Biafra) $1.50
Rhythm Collision poster
Satan's Pilgrims poster
Vox #2:2, #2:3, #7 $1.00
Whatever... poster

POSTAGE! Please add .85 for the first item, add 25 for each additional item (If you're just getting posters, don't add any postage)


If what you want is gone then i'll just send your money back, unless you list something else.


If I have to send your money back to you and you want me to use a money order so that you have something to trace, then you need to send me your real name. It's up to you.


The Fringe, 4 Elm St. #204, Lancaster NH 03584.


If paying by m.o., make payable to Brent Field. No checks! Explamphl.

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