living, breathing replicas of replicas of replicas. reality avoided at all costs. CRTs and other drugs are the highest level of existence. not much. sex and personality are obsolete. they are viewed the same as jails. feared. occluded. capitalized business. institutional abuse and aliens from other times are just two facts that can't be proven. hatred is glamour. violence is as close to love as anyone gives a fuck about. apathy is survival, ironically enough. those who care suffer and die.

peace is the number one crime. happiness follows closely behind. but of course that depends on the situation. complacency is commended; practically speaking, it is required. but peace cannot be tolerated. it's too risky. start with peace, and you could end up with revolution through class consciousness. media and products delivered by the ever shrinking number of humans who decide to give them to you are the key sugared means of maintaining necessary complacency. people argue with child logic, "if i'm happy, why should i complain?". use of substances that synthesize peace within is punished with life imprisonment. children are taught that all of this is right with mellow media which is in turn "rebelled against" by choosing more reckless yet equally conservative media such as "heavy metal" or pornography.

blood is replaced with vegetable oil. passion is replaced with rhetoric. sensation is replaced with a false sense of overload. love is replaced with netsex. life is replaced with acting. death is replaced with deathmetal. truth is replaced with fear. personalities are replaced with actors on film and/or actors who pose as musicians.

welcome to plasticland.

the biggest jail of all is the one outside your front door. everyone gets to vote for their favorite warden. inner death - it's the law. showing a sign of life is the second quickest way to land your ass in a jail with a roof. the quickest, as i already mentioned, is peace. no false moves, kid. put down that sense of group, that sense of calm. hands above your head. we just wanna ask you a few questions...

(This is something I wrote on June 4th, 1999.)

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