There has never been a beginning.

There have been infinite beginnings.




There is nothing greater than the cosmic order.

It is all things, including yourself.

Whether you are the most generous,

Whether you are the most depraved torturer,

You are part of the cosmic order.




Does not the generosity come from deference to morality?

Without this servitude, would you not torture?

Does not your hatred come from deference to morality?

Without this servitude, would you not cherish your fellow man?




Idiots, all of you!

Go and have a rotten, rancid fuck with your God

Be he myth or reality, fuck, I say!

Taste the decay, the vomit, the piss

Logic or fable, your God is a whore

You do what is expected and naught else




Why are you so obedient?

It is because you could explode at any second.

Without the diaphanous “morality” barely draped over

Your pus-laden fangs, your urge to murder...




And who am I, to judge like this?

Each form of life is merely another type of virus

And I want nothing to do with any of it




You, on the other hand

You have bore children – you dumb shit!

You concern yourself with the morals of others – you murderous cunt!

You desire sex – like a genetic slave

You demand reward for things you have done

Because you are depraved and debauched

Even more than the fable of Christ

Jesus was merely dog shit in a human’s ass

Another authority figure, another lord with the usual threats




It feels so good when you butt-fuck authority

Because your own will is FEEBLE

You cannot control anything to do with your own longings

So you look to God

or Jesus

or math and logic

or morals

or nation

or appearances

Because you must be governed,

Lest you become A REAL PERSON.




And you carefree geniuses

All of life’s complexities are so simple for you

Even the lesser-known paths that one might devote a life wrestling with

You undo with the snip of a wire

And never bother to mention it


I say to you:

Everyone will respect you

You have won all contests

By playing it nice and safe

Like a bubble gum pop idol

Despite your genius, you are inert and vapid

Despite your dynamics, you are homogenous

And you will be assimilated.